Happy New Year! I hope…


Wow, what a year 2016 has been! I am hoping for a much better 2017. Some of the highlights of this year are:

  • We started 6th grade this homeschooling year and my daughter has finally realized that the multiple steps in the writing process actually make it easier and more organized, and that cursive really does make your hand hurt less and the work get finished faster.
  • My daughter and I took a CPR certification class and passed. It is a great think to know, but hope that we never have to use it.
  • We have gotten into playing Dungeons and Dragons as a family and have had some grand adventures using role play, statistics, and dice. My husband has become a great  DM (dungeon master, leader, story teller).
  • Our daughter had to get wrist x-rays after losing a wooden sword battle. The first week of school was done verbally instead of doing all of the interesting art lessons I had planned to go with history.
  • I grew some herbs with that green thumb that I was developing and made some very tasty dishes.
  • Our daughter really got into reading this summer and read over 25 hours. She is now enjoying large books with more complex stories.
  • She has also gotten into doing a lot of research and planning for a book that she is writing. She has been working on this book for 2+ years now.
  • My mom and stepdad went to the Renaissance Fair with us and had a great time. I think they will want to go again in 2017.
  • We dyed our daughter’s hair anime red for her 10th birthday.
  • My dad has been fighting cancer and even though it has been hard on him he is doing well and continues to fight. We have gotten to spend a lot of quality time with him this year and plan to have more days with him throughout the new year.
  • We went to a comic convention with a wonderful family that we have been friends with for many years. Our kiddos were bore 2 weeks apart and are now besties.
  • I got to teach a craft class and a geography class for our homeschool group. It was very interesting because we researched the country that my husband’s side of the family is from. We shared many of the items his family has collected from there over the years, foods, music, art, textiles, and smells (coffee beans). It was a wonderful experience for us and for the other families.
  • I have really gotten into bullet journaling this year and will be starting my 4th planner/book tomorrow (January 2nd). I share my designs on Instagram and seem to have many people interested in what I have created.
  • WE VOTED!!!! I had never voted before and I am proud to say that I voted in the primaries for my state and on election day.

All in all it has been a pretty good year. I don’t want to dwell on all of the drama and politics.  I can not control all of that but I can control how I conduct myself. I can choose to have a positive outlook and to move forward with my own responsibilities.

I do have many things that I am looking forward to this new year. I will focus on my own tasks, goals, and adventures. My motto for this year is to “TRY whatever it is TODAY! Why not?” I plan to do many wonderful things. I want to put my heart into it and see where it all goes.

I hope you all had a wonderful new year’s celebration and  are keeping a positive outlook for the upcoming months/year.




Justifying a school backpack for my homeschooler

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I have battled with my daughter for years about her getting a “for school” backpack. We homeschool and it just seemed a waste of money. We haven’t been part of a co-op and the group we are in doesn’t require us to bring tons of supplies. This year I am doing my best to simplify as much as I can by getting rid of binders and bulky items for more streamlined items. I honestly had no plan to get Bug a backpack this year either, but I talked myself into getting it on a whim for these reasons:

• All of her notebooks and folders could be kept there in one place.

• The bag is really cool and something that Bug could use for a long time.

• The bags I have seen like this are expensive and this one was only $10.

• It is Marvel comic book themed and would be great for comic convention days.

• There were only 2 in this design and they would be gone in a flash! (A lady heard me say this and immediately grabbed the other.)

• This is one way to get my daughter excited about the new school year after our break.

• It  matches the pencils she has been begging for.

• Seeing the pure giddy joy on my sweet girls face.

Seriously how could I not get the bag when the pros out weigh the cons. The cons really aren’t “cons” anyway….

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