Adulting Update

It has been a little while since I made an adulting post that I promised many of. First off, I have been taking a mini break after writing such a detailed post about budgeting. Secondly, I have started working on my next adulating post on keeping and balancing a transaction/checkbook register, but have been having more technical difficulties with my word processing software. I am seriously having the worst luck with losing content while saving. Yes, while saving!!!! I hit the save icon and poof content gone and it backs out of the software. I am really not pleased with it!!!

I have been writing on my word processing software because here on WordPress the writing space was so small. I could not get the look I wanted because of not being able to see it all while typing. As I started writing this I realized that I now have a big writing space on WordPress. I know that I can save drafts here while I am working on them. I will have to start typing up my content directly on WordPress from now on.

It has been a busy January so far and it is gearing up to be a pretty busy February as well. Adulting has been happening for sure!

  • Homeschooling
  • Field Trip
  • Crazy Work Schedule to plan around
  • Checkbook Balancing
  • Budget Planning
  • Meal planning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Cooking at home to save money
  • Keeping mine and my daughter’s dentist appointment (teeth cleaning)
  • Bill Paying
  • Vehicle Cleaning

These are just a few highlights.I know that my adult tasks are not the same as many other’s. I am a stay at home mom that takes care of all of the at home stuff. I do not work to make money from home. Home is my work! I manage all of the home tasks so that my husband only has to deal with outside work issues and can spend time with us on his time off. (Unless he wants to cook to give me a break, and in that case why would I not let him!?) This is the arrangement that works for us at this stage in our lives.

I am starting to ramble……so I will leave it at that for now. I will have an adulating post up about keeping and balancing a transaction/checkbook register soon. I am not going to say a specific date right now because it is a work in progress and detailed info like that has to be worded just right to make sense. It will be up soon though!

Blog Plans for Basic Adulting Posts

Over the years my husband and I have noticed that there are so many people that did not learn basic home and life skills growing up and are struggling to function as adults. Thankfully, I did have a great home economics teacher and I also tried to pay attention when around family members that had these skills.

Even with the skills that I did know before marrying and having a home of my own, I was unprepared in many areas. I did not understand what all it took to run a home as I moved from my parent’s home and care. Granted, I did have many responsibilities while living there, but I was not the one managing the home, money, bills, shopping, appointments, most of the cooking, and so on. It concerns me that there are so many people, like ourselves, going out into this world with little knowledge of how to take care of these things.

I did not have someone to teach me how to manage my own life and that was scary. My husband had been out on his own for a few years before we married, but he too was not prepared in many areas and struggled. He and I shared with each other what knowledge we did have and had to sink or swim from there. For many years we were sinking and just barely keeping our heads above water. We needed to figure out how to function more efficiently.

Sticking with my hearthmom theme I hope to share basic information to help people that are in a similar position that we were. Over the years I have learned how to cook, meal plan, budget money, pay bills, keep records, clean effectively, launder clothes, mend clothes, create beautiful things, fix things, teach myself, and enjoy life with out so much stress from not knowing how to do these things.

I am a homeschooling stay-at-home mom, and I take pride in what I do. These are skills that most people need to know, not just a homemaker like myself. They make life for me and my family more enjoyable. I plan to add posts on these topics and others that I think would be helpful.

Please leave a comment if there is an area of adulting that you would like me to write about. I am not saying that I know everything and that my ideas and methods are the only ways of doing things. I want to help ease the struggles. Blessings from my heart and hearth to yours.


Something For Spelling

Featured image

Something new that we have tried for spelling!

At the beginning of the year I did not incorporate spelling as often as I should have and of course Bug’s spelling suffered because of it.. I am guessing that is because we didn’t have a good working system to go with our curriculum. Well, now we do and it is working quite well. Bug has only missed one word on her spelling tests several weeks in a row. We are getting good practice in so I thought I would share our new system.

It all started with our curriculum which has 10 lessons per unit and a unit review.

With each lesson there is a 16 word word-list and 3 activity pages including: vocabulary usage, proofreading, and either language connection or dictionary skills.

For a five day school week we do spelling work each day.

  1.  On an index card for each word I have her print the word clearly within highlighted lines, and practice spelling them before bed. (Store the index cards in the small accordion style folder. Which holds 2 sets of cards per slot.)
  2. Do the vocabulary workbook page, and practice spelling the words before bed.
  3. Write the words on the index cards again, this time in cursive. Do the proofreading workbook page. Practice spelling the words before bed.
  4. Do the Language Connection /Dictionary Skills page in the workbook, and practice spelling the words before bed.
  5. Spelling Test over the 16 words and self check once finished with the test. Rewriting any misspelled words correctly beside the missed word.

When the 10 lessons in the unit are finished there will be 10 sets of flashcards for this unit only in the accordion folder all ready to practice for the Unit Spelling Test. There are two review workbook lessons and then I will choose a few words from each list to test over.DSCN4266DSCN4268

I do check her spelling, printed writing, and cursive writing and add in clarifications as needed. (As seen here in red ink.)

When this Unit is finished we will file these cards away and start fresh with our accordion folder with the next unit. I did have my child pick out the style of the folder she liked best so she would be happy to use it.

I know that everyone used different curriculum and this exact system may not work for everyone. I like to see other parents/teachers ideas and try to alter them to make them work for me.

Quick information about the accordion file folder:  I purchased it at the Dollar Tree. It has 5 slots with label tabs and stickers. It is made of plastic with a button/cord closure.

Simplifying Our Homeschool

As we are winding up this school year we are making a few changes! I have been using curriculum that we (teacher and student) seem to like most of the time. So we are going to continue on with it and purchase the next grades up. We are not in a major rush to do so because we are still working through our current books. I do have one purchase that I am looking forward to getting soon for health. It is the American Girl “The Care and Keeping of You: The body book for girls.” book for 8-13 year olds (I think that is the age range). This should be a good book for my little tween.

I have been going over tons of ideas in order to simplify our finished homework/storage situation. We have been using very wiggly binders with printed worksheets and loose leaf paper for book work. I would have taken a picture but I had already moved everything to a new location.This was more than a bit cluttering. We thought about one giant binder (the new location) for finished work. I switched some over and it is terrible because of the combo of loose leaf paper and worksheets over loaded it and still have more work to put in……no good!

Over loaded binder with more finished work to add and a couple of weeks of work left to do....

Over loaded binder with more finished work to add and a couple of weeks of work left to do….

The more my husband and I talked about it, and made a trip to Office Depot, we have come up with the plan for a filing box for previous grades and finished work (file box and folders to be purchased), current work folder per subject, and composition notebook per subject(no pages getting lost).  I also have a folder or accordion folder (still on the fence of which I want to use. I am leaning toward the multi-layered folder because it is less bulky) for pre-printed worksheets, a zip top pouch for work to be graded (a work in progress), a folder to record reading assignments, a binder for grade sheets, and a planner.

A folder and matching composition notebook per subject.



DSCN4251         DSCN4240

I hope that this will work as well as I think it will. We will know for sure when we have worked with it for a while. Another change is that instead of working straight through year round we plan to take a month off starting July 17th. A break to relax and see friends, do what ever, and for me to get everything graded/filed from this year and prepared for the next school year. (+ filing intent form with the school district) So quite a bit to do between now and August 17th our start date. Leave me a comment if you would like more detail about anything.

Quick information about this planner:  It is a quite small weekly and monthly planner, approximately 5 in. X 7 3/4 in. Distributed by Wal-Mart. (No real maker info.) I actually bought both of these last year because I was certain that I would like it and wanted to have another for the next year. I thought correctly!!!

I really like its’ features.

  • It has 3 years at a glance in the front.
  • 12 Monthly calenders that you fill in yourself (month, dates, year) =Customizable!!!!
  • Lots of space for notes
  • Weekly 2 page layout where you write everything in = Customizable!!!!
  • Several pages for important contact information (group leaders, group members, library, dept of education, etc….)
  • It only cost about $4

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