Crafty Family!!!!

Today we went as a family to gather craft supplies in a city close to us. We are not city folk per-say so I did a whole lot of map research, printing, note taking, etc. to get us exactly where we needed to go. And we made it to and from all stops without incident! I am rather pleased by this and my hubby is super proud of his wife’s navigational skills…Awwww shucks!!!! LOL!

Anyway! We went to a Harbor Freight Tool store to find wool blankets of all things and found them on the cheap which was nice, because they are going to be cut up and used in multiple projects. We also went to a leather shop for more supplies also for my hubby’s projects, and got a great deal which has my sweetheart really excited to get started on his projects.The plan is to have them finished by early April!!!!! Plus more than just these!!! But we have not ordered linen fabric to sew with yet….

My favorite place was a yarn store! Now other than good old Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and Micheal’s I have never been to a “yarn shop” and it was fabulous!!!!! Yes the yarn in there was crazy expensive, but it was natural fibers with different textures and beautiful hand dyed colors. Alpaca wool is so very soft…….sigh! I want some to do my crocheting with! I want a cuddly hat or scarf made from it. Honestly, if you have not felt  alpaca wool you are missing out….I will come up with a project to get it for….only about $20 a skein……That being said, I did splurge and get some wool blend yarn made by Boboli Quick. I got 2 skeins and each was $16.50, but it will be my very own special, handmade, warm, beautiful hat!!!! I also FINALLY found yarn markers (little plastic rings gently go into your crochet/knit work to mark a special spot to indicate whatever you want it to for that project). Speaking of yarn markers, I just used mine to finish my hubby’s slippers. And they worked great for marking the center point and my start/stop points. I was able to work quickly with them and they went into the crocheted work easily and came out just as well. They are made by Clover and are the Split Ring Markers, just for reference. My first time using yarn markers and I loved them!!  My first time using yarn markers and I loved them!!!

I had fun today gathering craft supplies with my family, although we did get several questions of why Bug was not in school… <home-schoolers! And it was a learning experience too!!!! Bug got to see yarn of all different materials being used, saw projects that were created with them, and saw my yarn wound into a ball on a really cool crank at the yarn store to get it ready for use. She also learned to identify different qualities and uses of leather and got some of her own which she is planning to make a bag out of. She also saw live and taxidermied animals at our adventure stop! She learned the importance of research and  knowing how to read a map correctly. I would call that a home school field trip!!!! Sweet!


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