My Big Girl…

Sometimes I wonder how I will handle my daughter growing up. She is such a passionate thing! I try to let her do things on her own because I see and know that she can, but then something clicks and nothing works at all. I try my best not to micro manage because it can drive us all up the crazy wall…But there are times where I have to help in a big way… I don’t want her to make herself sick or make a situation worse. My daughter has always been very mature and so we forget sometimes that she is still young. She is only 7!!!! She still needs us in a big way; mostly for support. Loneliness really gets to her at times and she needs that reassurance that we are close by (sometimes so close that we can’t breathe). We are enjoying this “Big Girl” situation though! We can now do bigger and more grand things with her, and now she will remember them. We will be able to remember these times more because we don’t have to micro manage as much. We don’t have to carry her or push her in a stroller. We can now enjoy seeing her excitement and hearing her thoughts on what is going on in front of us. She is my world and she is changing and growing so fast lately… She has my heart! I don’t know what I would do if I did not have my buddy with me every day.

New adventure in crochet…

The main project on the table at this point is the baby blanket for my friend. I usually design it myself with colored rows and pretty borders, then add an iron on cute little patch in the corner. I have added ribbon and rows of ruffles, but then I thought about what I really liked about some of my daughters baby blankets. I really liked the simple ones! So making something more elaborate than the last just seemed silly.

Looking through blanket after blanket with crocheted designs on Pintrest and Red Heart websites, I finally found something that was so sweet that I could not resist! The thing is that I have never made an entire project from a written pattern. I would learn stitches and work them together into something useful and pretty. So this pattern said it was “EASY”! Ok, I can do this, I know all of those stitches. The only new thing was skipping certain spaces to make a design with the holes.  All was going well, until, around row 3 when the holes were supposed to line up in a certain way with the holes in the last row….I got it fixed, with much frustration. But have to move on to the next row. This is where it got tricky. The pattern read:

Ch3, skip first dc, dc in next 3 dc, *ch-1, skip next dc, dc in next dc, dc in next ch-1 space, dc in next 3 dc, dc in next ch-1 space, dc in next dc, ch 1, skip next dc, dc in next 3 dc, repeat from * across to last st, dc in last, turn.

How many double crochets are in a row there?

For those of you who can read crochet patterns this is all well and good, but looking back and forth from yarn to pattern where everything is running together and you start doing the wrong stitches…..sigh.  Doing, undoing, redoing and getting a migraine is stressful to say the least. But then I found my solution!!!!!DSCN2773

I started drawing out the pattern on graph paper. Checking and rechecking against the pattern before actually crocheting it really helped! I got so much more of it done last night that I am now on the portion of the pattern that says to repeat steps 3-8! Awesome!

This is not the easiest blanket I have ever done because of the reading the pattern. All of the back and forth is a strain on my eyes, but drawing it out has been such a relief.

The amount of yarn staring at me for this project is daunting! I have not made something this big is 2 years.  I wish I could post pictures of my progress and design picture, but I have to keep some things a secret just in case my friend stops by my blog.

I hope this helps someone out there if they are having a hard time reading a pattern and keeping up with the flow of it.



Didn’t go as planned…

Today I was working on two different crochet projects, both hats. As I read in a blog recently they would be “stretch” projects. Those that you are not quite sure you are ready for but are going to give it your best shot.

Well, considering I don’t have the specific yarn/hook materials to follow the pattern exactly I decided to change the pattern as needed as I go along. I had the hat nearly finished, put it on my head and oh for Pete’s sake, it’s too small. So I took it out to the point that I needed to expand and added. Well I got to the point that I needed to try it on again and oh for crying out loud way too friggin’ big. So I have taken it out and set it aside before I really mess it all up. And the other one, bigger yarn, bigger hook, BIG GIANT BOWL OF A HAT!!!! Oh not again! so I take it out down to minimize the number of increases, and it is still too big! So I take it out again, and I’m adding the curving rows “supposedly” IT ISN’T CURVING!!!!!!! So I put it away before I really mess it up. I am talking hours and hours of work here…so drained and stressed I tell my hubby “I am done!!!!” And get a giant glass of Coca Cola. And he said, “You know we are not done with crafts for the day…I still need your help…”

Frankly I was done with that for now and I was going to chill before I went all psycho…and I said “I know, but for now I am done” I took that bit of chill time…So moving on to the next project on my list. (All the while my hubby is doing leather work that is coming out all kinds of wonderful.) I have old projects to put hand sewn finishing touches on, because while sewing them last year I forgot to do seam finishes. So hand sewing begins…I did finish the seams inside a skirt and slip stitched the inside of the bottom hem. It is looking pretty good now and hopefully will not completely unravel in the wash. I have two other skirts to do this too and also the reconstruction of a shirt that I also forgot to do seam finishes on… Measuring!!!! We have new shirts and skirts to make for our Renaissance Fair attire and had to remeasure our growing girl and make sure that we order enough linen fabric to make what is needed. We have a whole lot to start and finish, but first we have to have all of the materials.

I did mention that we are a crafty family right?! Current projects:

  1. Sporran (hubby)
  2. leather shoes (hubby)
  3. gray crochet hat (me)
  4. multicolored wool crocheted hat (me)
  5. baby blanket (me)
  6. reconstruction of renaissance shirt (me)
  7. seam finishes of skirts (me)
  8. making 5 new shirts (me)
  9. one new skirt (me)
  10. belt (hubby)
  11. possibly Bug’s leather bag, her design, she is 7 and has to work with daddy (Bug and hubby)
  12. Bug is making a woodland fairy costume (Bug)
  13. apron for Bug (me)

We do also have to cook, eat, sleep, home school, work, go to book club, go field trips, and hopefully see friends and family… yikes! Oh yeah, I have a cake to bake tomorrow morning, first thing…. Is it bed time yet? We have some reading, oh yeah, and sleeping to do!


Seeing my prego friend….

Ok, so the other day when all of us home-schoolers got together for a birthday party and enjoyed the beautiful day, I saw one of my new friends, who is pregnant. I have not seen her, other than through pictures for months, and my thoughts!

She is a cute prego, I was a hot mess 90% of the time. She is glowing a has a cute belly! I am so happy for her!!!!

Oh man was I a wreck when I was prego. I got big and stretched everywhere. I worked long hours on my feet and was way over tired. Most days, later in the pregnancy, I had wrist braces and knee braces to help me deal…Yes, that is both wrists and both knees. I was carrying a whole lot of weight, 50 extra pounds to be exact. I went from wearing a size 10 (but really looked more like a 6) to a size 18.

The waddle..I HAD IT!!!! But I did get my sweet little girl out of the deal, and now my friend has a little girl on the way.

I am very happy that she is doing well!!!! I am excited to start her baby gift. She knows what I am making so there is no spoiler alert. I am about to start working on her baby blanket, a tradition I started for my prego friends many years ago. I finally pinned down a design I loved, and went to the store to stock up on yarn to crochet with… And of course good old Wal-Mart did not have enough selection and was out of most baby yarns. So thankfully I have a trip planned soon and will be passing through a town with a Michael’s craft store. They “SHOULD” have what I need. I have got to get this project started!!!!!!! The clock is ticking!!!! Baby due in April!

My Classroom…frustration

I had a very workable classroom. I liked being in it and could function easily. That is not the case lately. With the addition of the cable line with old school tv, and now desktop computer we have had to rearrange for ease of computer use. The thing is that it has thrown everything else off. So here are the things that this room must have to be functional:

  • plenty of room around the table to do simple exercises and be able to set up folding craft table.
  • main home-school supplies within arms reach of table
  • clear path to the back door
  • clear-ish path to back room
  • stable place to stand small white board
  • permanent place for computer (screen, keyboard, mouse, speakers, tower, and printer)
  • usable table space
  • tv optional
  • we would like to use the table for family dinners and game nights (the table sticking out into the middle of the room made possible)

Right now the only thing working is family dinner/games space and a place for the computer, but I still have to move it a little and the printer is behind it… There are paths to the doors, but the clear-ish path is to the back door and the clear path is to the back room. I think the tv has taken over and everything else is having to work around it…I am not pleased with this…and I am not sure what to do about it…I may have to pull the plug on the tv!


Crafty Family!!!!

Today we went as a family to gather craft supplies in a city close to us. We are not city folk per-say so I did a whole lot of map research, printing, note taking, etc. to get us exactly where we needed to go. And we made it to and from all stops without incident! I am rather pleased by this and my hubby is super proud of his wife’s navigational skills…Awwww shucks!!!! LOL!

Anyway! We went to a Harbor Freight Tool store to find wool blankets of all things and found them on the cheap which was nice, because they are going to be cut up and used in multiple projects. We also went to a leather shop for more supplies also for my hubby’s projects, and got a great deal which has my sweetheart really excited to get started on his projects.The plan is to have them finished by early April!!!!! Plus more than just these!!! But we have not ordered linen fabric to sew with yet….

My favorite place was a yarn store! Now other than good old Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and Micheal’s I have never been to a “yarn shop” and it was fabulous!!!!! Yes the yarn in there was crazy expensive, but it was natural fibers with different textures and beautiful hand dyed colors. Alpaca wool is so very soft…….sigh! I want some to do my crocheting with! I want a cuddly hat or scarf made from it. Honestly, if you have not felt  alpaca wool you are missing out….I will come up with a project to get it for….only about $20 a skein……That being said, I did splurge and get some wool blend yarn made by Boboli Quick. I got 2 skeins and each was $16.50, but it will be my very own special, handmade, warm, beautiful hat!!!! I also FINALLY found yarn markers (little plastic rings gently go into your crochet/knit work to mark a special spot to indicate whatever you want it to for that project). Speaking of yarn markers, I just used mine to finish my hubby’s slippers. And they worked great for marking the center point and my start/stop points. I was able to work quickly with them and they went into the crocheted work easily and came out just as well. They are made by Clover and are the Split Ring Markers, just for reference. My first time using yarn markers and I loved them!!  My first time using yarn markers and I loved them!!!

I had fun today gathering craft supplies with my family, although we did get several questions of why Bug was not in school… <home-schoolers! And it was a learning experience too!!!! Bug got to see yarn of all different materials being used, saw projects that were created with them, and saw my yarn wound into a ball on a really cool crank at the yarn store to get it ready for use. She also learned to identify different qualities and uses of leather and got some of her own which she is planning to make a bag out of. She also saw live and taxidermied animals at our adventure stop! She learned the importance of research and  knowing how to read a map correctly. I would call that a home school field trip!!!! Sweet!

Home schooling and friends

First off, all home schools are different because every parent/teacher chooses what they want for their child/children’s education.  Some are very busy while others are very laid back to the point of unschooling and all stops in between. The quality of schooling depends on what is put into it by both parent and student.

In some form or fashion each situation has it’s way of, “this is how it gets done around here.” The schooling and education part is very important but… And we have all heard the questions about socialization. I totally agree that it is very important to socialize your kids!!!! And that, my friends, is why home-schooling families seek each other out. We will not have every aspect of our experiences in common but we all know that somebody in the group knows something about whatever the situation is and can be that rock and voice of reason, that uplifting spirit that gives you that boost of “I think I can!”

Even if there isn’t a specific call for help, just the knowledge that there is a group that wants the best for you and your family is key!!!! You are there for them and they are there for you!!! The kids are getting socialized being around kids of different ages, skill levels, and temperament. They get to be themselves because all of the other kids get to be themselves as well. Their true personalities are shining unhindered by stress placed on them to be like everyone else.  Their friends are important to them. They learn to care not only about the child they are befriending but their family as well.

After a month of not seeing our home-schooling friends, we finally got together! A birthday party and the weather could not have been better.  It was refreshing to spend time outdoors with all the moms talking and all of the kids playing. We were on a small farm so the play quickly went from trampoline to games of chase the chickens, petting the goats, finding the cat, and the occasional mom telling the kids to get out of an off limits area. Exploration was at the forefront of many of the young minds because being indoors, hiding from the cold can push it to it’s limits.  FREEDOM, was what it was all about! Free to play, think, explore, laugh, get to know each other, and deal with all of the personalities under a cloudless sky. It was a perfect day!!!! It was peace to our souls and a renewal of spirit and strength. The push forward into this new year and all of it’s challenges. With all of the to do lists, ups and downs, smiles and tears, frustrations and triumphs, they are there…Maybe not around your kitchen table/schooling area, but they are there willing to help you hold your head up a little higher. That’s what friends are for… We stick together because we understand where each other is coming from…


I have not written in my blog for quite a while, and not even sure where to start… But! With that being said, I start out many of my journal entries this way because my mind is all a jumble. My thoughts and stresses just have to fall out of my head in a random dump to find a clear thinking space.

I am still home-schooling my daughter who is now 7 years old. We are still using Oak Meadow and will soon add in Singapore Math because it actually has workbooks and instructions. We joined a home-school book club with our local library. This will be the second year and our group and friendships have grown. Last year we went on field trips, read classic books and watched the corresponding movies, did illustrator studies creating art in their style, reader’s choice where the kids shared their current books, and had an art show/award ceremony. This year the plan is to go on field trips, study illustrators/writer combo, create art and writings in their style, and act out scenes from those works in what we call reader’s theater. There will also be an art show and and program at the end of the year. Now that my little lady is getting bigger and more creative I know that she will love these changes.

Speaking of my little lady…She is not so little anymore! She had really grown this year, 4 inches already since spring! My 4’4″ tall, 90 lb, 7 year old is getting some of my hand-me-downs. Before I get my messages blown up about my daughter’s weight, WAIT! She is mostly muscle, quite active, loves fruits and veggies, and she has ALWAYS been a strong child. She looked like a 7lb baby when she was born but tipped the scales at a strong 8lb 13oz. You could literally see the muscles ripple in her back during her first bath. She is one tough chick!!! She is amazing!

Blogging….well I haven’t done it is a while because my netbook (with keyboard died a horrible death, and my hubby’s could not hold up to both of our activities) Therefore no typing….Writing an article on a nook does not work. So having purchased a new tower for my desktop computer, I am back. I don’t know how often I will post but here I am for the time being.

Crafting!!!! I have gotten back into crocheting! The year before last I made crocheted gifts for family and friends (mostly fingerless gloves for the girls) and did very little crafting this past year. I have made a few things recently such as: boot cuffs, a beanie hat and fingerless gloves for my hubby (new design that will stretch over his forearm), a scarf, bootie house slippers, and simple house slippers. I have a sketch drawn up for a baby blanket to be finished by April 2014 for a dear friend. She is having a little girl and we are beside ourselves with joy for her. She needs another girl in the house.

Winter weather… Thankfully we have not lost power with this year’s storms, and our heaters are working as they should. We have been warm and cozy sipping coffee and cocoa playing Munchkin! A quite nerdy card game that can be added to many times over and is never the same twice. A friend of ours, who loves to play Munchkin with us, got us another version of Munchkin for christmas…. Munchkin Zombie with expansion packs as well.  We have so much fun playing these and plan to purchase many more tabletop games. We have been watching Tabletop, a youtube show that introduces  it’s viewers to new and some old tabletop games. Will Wheaton is the host and the show was created by he and Felicia Day. They bring in their nerd friends/family, most of them have made a name for themselves in the nerd community and they are filmed playing these games. It is quite fun to watch (there is some language and beeps, FYI). We want to get these new games: “Ticket to Ride”,  “Corcssone”, and “Settlers of Catan” <I may have the spelling of these all wrong but anyway, there they are.

Reading!!!! Oh my goodness we read a lot!!!! Over the past year or so (along with our stories for school) we have read “Winnie the Pooh”, “Peter Pan”, “Charlotte’s Web”, “Little House on the Prairie”,  “The Rescuers”, “The Bridge to Terebithia”, “The Journey of Dr.Dolittle”, “Mary Poppins”, “The Tale of Despereaux”, and now our current read is……”The Land of Stories, Wishing Spell” By: Chris Colfer. This story is making my daughter very excited to read at night. She is not reading this one on her own, because of it’s size and some of the words are too hard for her just yet. I am thankful that she is a very good reader though! She can enjoy reading on her own and also have quality time with me reading aloud at bed time.

Cutting hair…I am not a beautician but cut my own hair! Honestly I have been cutting my family’s hair since 2004. It is just cheaper that way considering my hubby needs his hair cut so often. I cut only his for a long time and only got my hair cut by a pro once a year. Then began cutting my own, our daughter’s, and eventually the dog’s.  If I did not do a decent job I promise you this would not happen!!!! I actually gave myself bangs the other day and thinned out the weight. It looked like I shaved my whole head by the amount of hair no longer attached. Crazy I know but I actually like the outcome! You can learn so many things on Youtube!!!!! Seriously!!!!

Some things I have learned from Youtube….. Some new hair cutting skills (to be able to do on myself and working on someone else), Crochet projects, hair styles/techniques.  You can learn things so quickly!!!! It is great!

I think my brain dump has come to an end……I know it is not very insightful but I am just getting back into it all. I don’t think I will be doing the whole huge article thing again or at least for a while. It really got to a point where it was all I would think about and do. It consumed my life for a while and not to mention I have lost my notes on all the articles I had lined up to post about. So who knows this may be a brain dump station for a little while as I work on getting my thoughts out and hopefully get quicker at typing again without backspacing and deleting so often.  I may start another book list, but this time it will be a to-do list. Kind of a list of books that I want my daughter to read…maybe many lists a Read to her list, a Read for yourself list as you get older, a Read for myself list…..Who knows we will see where it ends up…

Thanks for reading comment if you wish!

Book List VI

Can I have a Hug?” By: Debi Gliori

  • Mr. Bear hunts for the perfect hug. (A board book*)

*Board books are made of stiff thick paper pages. Generally only a few pages long, easier for young children to turn pages.


Morris goes to School” By: B. Wiseman

  • Morris the moose can not read or count so he makes mistakes when going to the store to buy candy. The salesman suggests that he go to school.


Clever Beatrice” By: Margaret Willey

  • A clever young girl needs money for her family and goes on an adventure to win money by betting the wealthy giant on the mounatin.


The Bear’s Water Picnic” By: John Yeoman

  • A bear and his animal friends have a picnic and an adventure on a raft.


Bird Song” By: Audrey Wood

  • See a glimpse into different lifestyles and cultures while bird watching. Learning birds’ names and their songs.


Bear Feels Scared” By: Karma Wilson

  • Bear gets lost in the woods and his friends brave a storm to rescue him.


Ladybug Girl at the Beach” By: David Soman and Jacky Davis

  • Ladybug Girl and her dog Bingo learn to be brave on their first trip to the ocean.

Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy” By: David Soman and Jacky Davis

  • Ladybug girl goes to the park and makes a new friend. They use their imaginations to battle monsters, robots, and a snake.


The Moon’s Choice” By: John Warren Stewig

  • A traveling merchant has three beautiful daughters, but only one is favored by the moon. She is favored because she is the most beautiful and kind of the three. The moon takes her away to protect her from her spiteful scheming sisters, and how her life changes.


King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub” By: Audrey Wood

-A tale of a silly king who refuses to leave his lavish bathtub to rule his kingdom. In efforts to get him out many people are urged to have elaborate battles, feasts, fishing trips, and a masquerade ball in the tub before the servant finds a way to finish the king’s bath.


Rainbow Brite, Mixed up Colors” By: Ellie O’Ryan

  • Murky and Lurky mix up all the colors in Rainbow Land. Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids bring star sprinkles to change the colors back.

Rocks in my Pockets” By: Marc Harshman and Bonnie Collins

  • A family living on a very windy mountain top carry rocks in their pockets to keep them from being blown away, and how these rocks make them famous.

The Trouble with Wishes” By: Diane Stanley

  • Based on a famous Greek myth, Pygmalion. Also from this myth came George Bernard Shaw’s play “Pygmalion” and the musical “My Fair Lady”. The myth: a sculptor carves a statue and falls in love with it. The goddess Aphrodite brings it to life so that the sculptor and statue can marry…

The Emperor and the Nightingale” By: Meilo So

  • A Chinese emperor displays his elaborate palace which becomes the topic of many writers’ books. What stood out to them the most was the song of a nightingale at the palace, which the emperor had never heard. He had his prime minister locate the bird, which quickly became a pampered pet…and how things change for the bird and the emperor.


Many Moons” By: James Thurber

  • A tale of a young princess who asks for the moon and how she gets it.


Hot Hippo” By:Mwenye Hadithi

-A tale of how the hippo came to live in the water instead of on land.

Book list V

“Rhyming Dust Bunnies” By: Jan Thomas

-Silly rhyming dust bunnies and their adventures with cleaning tools.

“Cook-A-Doodle-Doo!” By: Janet and Susan Stevens

-A comical follow up story on the classic “Little Red Hen” where her great grandson and his friends make a strawberry shortcake. Recipe included.

“I Love it when You Smile” By: Sam McBratney

-Mommy kangaroo tries to get her little joey to smile and to be happy. He only cracks after a minor mishap.

“The Sea Serpent and Me” By: Dashka Slater

-A story of a young girl and a sea serpent that was carried from the sea by a storm.  It became her pet, but she had to take him back to sea because it was best for him.

“The Full Belly Bowl” By: Jim Aylesworth

–  A mystical story about a bowl that multiplied whatever was put in it.

“Healthy Snacks with Blue” By: J.P. Chanda

-Blue’s Clues to eating healthy

“One for Me, One for You” By: Sarah Albee

-A Blue’s Clues book about sharing.

“Who is in the Garden?” By: Vera Rosenberry

-A beautifully illustrated book about creatures you’d find in a garden.

“Moon Man” By: Tomi Ungerer

-A wild tale about when the moon man visits the earth, and how the phases of the moon help him get out of trouble.

“My Father’s Hands” By: Joanne Ryder

-A girl watches her father work the garden, noticing what his hands look like as he works. She knows that she can trust his caring hands as he shows her garden creatures and treasures.

“Our Garage Sale” By: Anne Rockwell

-A family choosing things from their home to hold a garage sale, making things that are still in good condition available for reuse.

“Toes are to Tickle” By: Shen Roddie

-Seeing the everyday world through a child’s eyes.

“The Itsy Bitsy Spider” By: Iza Trapani

-An extended adventure of the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

“Tops and Bottoms” By: Janet Stevens

-A follow up story to the tale of “The Tortoise and the Hare” where the Hare outsmarts the lazy old bear to get enough crops to sell and make money to buy back the land he lost in the bet he made with the Tortoise.

“Inch by Inch” By: Leo Lioni

-A clever inch worm loves to measure things and has to inch his way out of danger.

“Fancy Nancy Aspiring Artist” By: Jane O’Connor and Robin Priess Glasser

-Nancy decides to become an artist while on Spring Break. Learn fancy vocabulary, famous artists and their style.

“Diego’s Great Dinosaur Rescue” By: (adapted by) Sheila Sweeney Higgenson

-Diego and friends time travel to rescue a Maiasaura. Learn facts about different dinosaurs. Spanish/English

“Moonbathing” By: Liz Rosenberg

-A young boy and his older male cousin have adventures searching for treasure at night on the beach by moonlight.

“Peter’s Pockets” By: Eve Rice

-A young boy spends a day with his uncle and finds many treasures to take home, but he has no pockets in his new pants. His uncle carries all of the treasures home in his pockets. The boy’s mother surprises him by sewing many treasure pockets onto his pants.

“How Many, How Many, How Many” By: Rick Walton

-A 1-10 counting and search book centered around nursery rhymes and topics kids learn as they grow.

“Keep Looking” By: Millicent Selsam and Joyce Hunt

– A story about looking harder to find animals in the winter. What they do and how they hide.

“The Easter Cub” By: Justine Korman Fontes

-A bear cub experiencing the joys of spring.

“Fluffy and Baron” By: Laura Rankin

-A dog and his duck best friend.

“Math in the Bath (and other fun places too!)” By: Sara Atherlay

-Math is everywhere.

“The Queen of France” By: Tim Wadham

-A fun story of a young girl using her imagination, playing dress-up, and getting her family involved in her adventure.

“Mouse, Mole, and the Falling Star” By: A.H. Benjamin

-Two great friends at odds because they didn’t want to share the wish they would get by finding the fallen star, and how it all turns out in the end.

“The Bugliest Bug” By: Carol Diggory Sheilds

-A contest to see who is the best bug, and finding out who the true hero bug is after all.

“Calvin can’t fly. The story of a bookworm birdie.” By: Jennifer Berne

-About how Calvin is different and how him being different saved all the bird friends and family.

“Red Sings from the Treetops, A year in colors” By: Joyce Sidman

-Beautifully illustrated, with fun color themed poems that make you think about what the poem is referring to in the pictures.

“Alpha Betti” By: Carlene Morton

-A girl learns to alphabetize and organize to get the most out of her day and find what she is looking for quickly. She becomes an alphabetizing hero.

“Scoot!” By: Cathryn Falwell

-A look into spring/summer watching nature and animals rhyming their actions. You’ll also find information about the animals, habitats, and instructions how to print textures with paint.

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