Tis the season of boo-boos

So now that the temperature is pleasantly warm and the rain comes and goes, it is only the beginning of the season of boo-boos. All the scrapes and bruises that come with an abundance of outside fun and now older kids. Since my baby is well,no longer a baby, it is time for mom and dad to learn to let go a bit. We really watch her like a hawk! I wouldn’t got so far as to say that we are being helicopter parents, but hanging out on the landing pad would be a fair description.

She is getting older and needs time with friends. Luckily we have a few neighbors with kids around her age.  They like to ride bikes and scooters right in front of our houses (the neighbor kids, not our kid…). Well, we are pretty protective. (me more than daddy) Anyway, we finally decided to let her take her skateboard to scoot around with them (It’s slower than the bike so I don’t get whiplash trying to watch her from the windows).

She is not that great on her skateboard so she and another little girl would take turns with the other kids’ scooters. This day the little girl slipped on the scooter in the loose rocks and came to me for bandaging. I got her cleaned up and promptly texted her mother an FYI text. Her mother was already on her way to get her daughter, but got here a little faster in the car instead of walking like normal.

The next day, I told her daddy while we were out that I saw some Razor scooters on sale at Wal-Mart and we went to take a look. Our daughter would not have the one on sale because it was very pink with tassels. The cheapest of the other colors was only $8 more so we decided to get her one. The new scooter is now lovingly named, Creeper, because it is Creeper green. <My little Minecraft lover….After buying the creeper green scooter we took her to a park to let her try it out in the open parking area. She loved it and rode and rode; then crashed (blamed on a thick cigarette butt on the sidewalk). She was a little scraped but not bad enough to stop riding of course. She rode until nearly dark there, and when we got home she rode it in the house scaring the dog.

Scooter Day Two: Most of the afternoon she raced with the neighborhood boys (all around her age of course). There were kids on feet, bicycle, and scooters. They were having tons of fun and apparently crashed a few times that I did not see. She was so proud of herself for doing so well. “Mom, I did good! I only crashed five times!!!” All while blood was running down the front of her leg. By this time we are really trying to get Bug to wear pants while riding on her scooter because she now has two days of scrapes and bruises from both knees down. As always she informed us that jeans are too hot to play in. Again off to the bath to clean boo-boos and get all the sweat and dirt off before bed. I was about to tuck her in and read from our Harry Potter book (now only half a chapter left) and noticed swollen bruised ankles, scraped legs, and deeply scraped knees. Oh for goodness sakes, wear some pants!!!!! And we have homeschool club tomorrow. I hope people don’t think I beat her (I do tell her when I am frustrated with her that I will beat her with a wet spaghetti noodle.)

Scooter Day Three: Her daddy put on a movie that she wanted to watch with us. While watching the movie she got her makeup out and turned herself into Harley Quinn, and then as usual she was off to her bedroom talking to the neighbor boys through the window. She soon wanted to go outside and play with them but had not spent any time with daddy before work. She finally finished watching the movie with us and thought that it was quite funny. We did eventually let her go outside to ride scooters with the boys. (she was still wearing the character makeup) They like to ride those things fast, but at least they have gotten really good at watching for cars and getting over to the side until it passes. I had just gone to check on Bug after a crash and I went back inside staying close to the door and/or window to keep an eye on them like always. Then I heard one of the boys ask Bug “Do we need to get your mom?” I flew out the door not knowing what I would find. The oldest boy (11) was walking toward me with his arm hanging limp. He turned a bit with more an I saw more blood than I have seen all week coming from his elbow. I rush in to get a cloth to apply pressure and asked him what he hit it on. He said, “The road” I sent his younger bother to get their mom while I was getting the blood to stop. I sent my husband to get a bandage or something. I had just changed from the cloth to the now much cleaner paper towel when his mother came up. I told her he scarped it really good and probably wouldn’t need stitches. I am still a bit shaken from all of these kids getting hurt riding so fast on the road and concrete. My hubby looked at our daughter’s legs and laid down the law about wearing jeans to ride in and also being more careful. If they keep getting hurt playing around our house, even if they are not technically at our house, parents may not want(********I just had to stop typing to bandage another scrape from riding that scooter in the house******) their children over here thinking that we don’t watch them. In fact I drive myself crazy watching them. They will always see me at the window or door making sure they are okay especially when they are riding on the street.

And it is only spring……..sigh……

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My little Harley Quinn riding Creeper.

Where is my mind?

Today has been one of those days where my brain is so full and unfocused. I feel that if one more distraction, mood swing, or accident comes flying my way that the makings of my brain will burst like particles in space. I would need to retrieve them in maddening chaos, but at the same time I feel that letting them float away would keep me sane.

Sure, I thought after those past five days of crazy, that this school week would be mellow and would flow without incident. We took yesterday as a Home Economics day to get back on track around the house. My daughter was zipping through the list of chores like they were nothing. I did not bother her with nit picky instructions and micro managing. For goodness sakes I had my own cleaning sections to take care of. I eventually looked over her areas to clean and know in my mind that she did something. I saw her doing something. Well it just so happened that she did somethings that weren’t the main somethings; only cleaning parts that are rarely looked at. I told her that when she cleaned it not only had to smell good, but actually look like something has been done. Let it go….let it go…Setting that aside for a more structured cleaning tutorial for my helper in training….

School….today our first day back to book work. I wasn’t going to go real easy on her but I wasn’t going to push her to a breaking point either or so I thought. Honestly, I think I made it to a breaking point first. I planned two math worksheets adding to our new skill of working with decimals. A little instruction on writing standard numbers with decimals into expanded form, fraction form (which she learned at the end of last week), and then expanded form to standard with decimals. These words came out of her mouth, ” These are fun and so easy! I like these!” Now keep that in mind while we move on to another subject since she can obviously do these on her own… I read to her about the major rivers around the world and had instructed her before hand to pay close attention to the importance of rivers because she would be writing a paragraph about it. Of course there is grumbling because she hates to write, but I can proudly say that she knows the layout of a basic 5 sentence paragraph. Back to math now that we have painstakingly found countries and rivers on maps, globes, and satellite images online.
Math, so far so good until there is a slight bump in the road. Not a hill or mountain, more like a pebble. You see this is where I see my childhood self in her…hold on to your seats…. I look at her from a distance to see that within seconds she has pushed herself from her desk, is red faced, shaking, and shutting down. Minor changes in the system bring fear and mental block confusion. I understand this and have worked through this myself. I have to snap her out of it. As a baby I would blow a quick puff of air in her face to get her focus somewhere else, now it takes a sharp toned “stop, listen” to get her to snap out of it enough to start over with gentle instruction. The pebble was that within the expanded form there was no tenths place shown, but there was hundredths and she did not know how to write it. Simple fix we just needed that place holder 0. We get that down and crisis averted. Although during the meltdown process she said to me “I don’t like this.This isn’t fun!” I reminded her that just a few minutes ago she said that it was fun and easy. She seriously said to me “No! I did not you are just saying that to make me feel better!” I go back to my kitchen duties of starting dinner early because it has to cook for about 2 hours when a whole glass of water is spilled on both worksheets, quickly spreading to all of the books, and creeping toward the computer. Freak out mode! She is trying to get the massive stack of curriculum up and onto the floor but it is too heavy. So of course I take over. All the time she is saying “I am so sorry….” I am frantically getting stuff off of the table and grab the closest towel and instruct her to get the trashcan so I can redirect the water. I finally get it all dry except for her worksheets that we just had the recent battle over. There us no other way to remedy this situation other than to reprint to worksheets. No big deal, this shouldn’t take very long…well, I try to print but nothing is happening. I go through and check all the settings, cancel all the documents to be printed except one. Still nothing happens! Finally, after turning the printer off/on, checking the cords, turning the computer off/on we have worksheets that I need to rewrite the examples and instructions on. I eventually get Bug back in to do her work (which I pulled her away from her comic book writing to do), but she doesn’t want to do it all. I give just a little and let her do her math and then take a break knowing that I want that paragraph about rivers when school starts tomorrow. Negotiations about due date and time set in until I have to put my foot down. Bug takes her break and wonders outside and I sit trying to meditate into calm listening to the birds.

Thankfully dinner was great and there were thank you’s from the family with calmness all around. We discussed vacation options and settled on one as a family. She did eventually get the paragraph finished about 10:00pm. It is now bed time….well beyond bedtime since my bedside clock now says 12:26am, and I am winding down. We did work in a bit of light reading in the form of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Good night all! Maybe my brain will be intact by morning, or I may have to invest in a RemeberAll…

(NIGHT TIME UPDATE: I tossed and turned for about 4 hours until Bug had a nightmare and came to sleep with me. I got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep before the hubby came to bed and we had to get up. It is a shower and probably coffee kind of morning. My sanity is hanging in there for now.)

We survived the past 5 days!

Honestly this has been the busiest Thursday through Monday we have had in a long time.  We have made it with most of our sanity intact.

Thursday, we were thankful that the crazy rain and thunder storm decided to come through early. Why?! Because our homeschool club has an outdoor field trip on Friday. We were watching the weather all week and then most of the day on Thursday to prepare for bad weather. We got some rough weather alright with lightning! It apparently got too close to the house and zapped our modem. No internet, just peachy! (I had set a new blog post to run for Friday a few days ago or there would not have been one.) I needed to check travel directions, finish paying bills, taxes were supposed to be done this weekend too….CRUD! (We didn’t know for sure about the lightning until today, Monday.)

Friday, thankfully was beautiful and perfect for a nice drive and trip to the zoo. An absolute perfect day to be outdoors! It was tiring for sure, but well worth it.Although, I did need to plan a rushed dinner on the way home. My hubby was so sweet and told me not to cook, but to just get what we needed for cold sandwiches on the way home…….whew….I was so glad to hear that!

Saturday, we met up with a great group of friends for the youngest kiddo’s birthday. We were early so we went for a walk in the nice weather first. We didn’t get very far but didn’t want to waste it. Then we went to the fun little paint party for the now 6 year old. Afterward we went out to eat just with our close group to visit more.  We scared the restaurant staff with our group of 13. Sadly it has been over a year since we’ve been together. The last time was Christmas in March 2014. And now Birthday/Christmas in April 2015….. We really don’t live that far apart! I am 45 minutes from one family and about 25 minutes from the other. We say all year long that we need to get together more, but don’t come through on it as much as we should. (I think we did meet one of those families at an amusement park in between there.) Anyway, we got home after dark and were so glad to be home. Before the party we set up an appointment with our cable/internet technician to fix our issue on Monday. My hubby asked if a certain time would be ok…….um, no, testing! I would not be home until later in the afternoon…..

Sunday, I declared that we were doing nothing! I made an exception for meal planning and shopping. I don’t lose my mind this week. I also made an exception for games and a movie, those are fun and relaxing. We made it an early night with baths and prep for the next day…. I packed a lunch for Bug and her pencil case filled with only the essentials for testing. The main thing that I kept reminding myself to pack was her glasses. (Testing without glasses would not go over very well.) I packed my bag full of things to keep me occupied for three hours of waiting.

Monday, today, Bug’s first standardized test…I lugged my bag, umbrellas, and Bug’s lunchbox into the test building early. We got signed in and waited for 45 minutes before she was sent to a testing room… Finally she got into her testing room and was ready to go. I was more nervous than she was! At her first break she came out telling me how easy the reading comprehension part was and that she finished 6 minutes early. She was so proud of herself and even said that it was fun!  She nearly attacked her lunchbox saying “I am starving!” She grabbed her water and snackbar and quite literally choked it down, gagging a few times. We finished her break talking with friends about video games. I was so proud of her and could now relax and stop worrying so much. On her next break, she didn’t even bother trying to find me. She stood in the hall talking with the same group of boys about video games. We did meet a local celebrity who also homeschools her children. Meeting her made Bug’s year! I spent quite a bit of time talking with her and one of her close friends while waiting on our kids to finish testing. That was a pretty big surprise for the day, hanging out with someone that is on national television (on occasion). I knew it was supposed to rain again today, but I did not expect flood weather. I did not even know it was raining outside. We started to leave and I looked through the glass doors at the torrential downpour. Bug was ready to go so we took of to the parking lot without finding the truck first. We were wading through about 2 inches of flowing water everywhere we stepped taking the long way around. We finally got to the truck but are having problems getting the umbrellas folded down and putting the huge bag in the back seat. By the time we got in we were soaked! Luckily I had two layers on and could use my half soaked shirt as a towel. There was nothing I could do for my drenched jeans from thighs down, or for my squishy canvas shoes. About 1/3 of the drive home was through heavy rain and flooded city streets. When we got home our driveway was blocked by 2 technician’s trucks. I park at the side of the house and wonder if my hubby knows they are here because they are standing outside. While inside I see that there are not only two, but three men working on our internet, my hubby has the dog on a leash so he won’t bolt, and I still have to cook in soaked clothes. Finally, internet is fixed, dinner is fixed, dry yoga pants are on, and food is going down. The technicians are back because they forgot something. Yay, let’s live stream some tv and chill.

Bug is worried about school tomorrow because we were not able to take time off for camping. I informed her that we are not taking the week off just because she had testing, but I have decided that tomorrow is a Home Ec./no video game day.  Why, because this house is a wreck after these crazy few days and I am not cleaning it all by myself.

Dang it I am so tired…..but we made it!

New Year’s resolution about trying new things….

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I am not one to make resolutions about losing weight or any of the usual new year’s goals. Although this year I did do something a bit different. I love to craft and have been making various crafts for years. I tend to get stuck in a rut though because of my raising; I am afraid to mess up. Well, I decided to set that all aside and begin to learn how to do new things with my usual crafts. I want to branch out and make beautiful useful things. I am often told that I should sell the things that I make, but I lean more to making things as gifts because I do not want to get caught up in the ‘I must make it because it is now my job that I am expected to do all the time’. I do love my crafts but there is no way that I can do them all of the time because of the pain and numbness in my wrists/hands. I do however want to make the things that I love more beautiful. I have been toying around with the idea of an Etsy shop which is a great compromise with the  creating/selling issue. When I make something that I want to sell then I can post it. If it isn’t posted then it is not for sell. As easy as that!!!!

So getting back to my trying new things resolution….I have been mental blocking knitting for years. I wrote in an earlier post that I had gotten pass that block and just went for it. I did not want to get too far into it because I was basically teaching myself how to knit, not starting a project. I actually have other plans for this yarn, so I will be taking it all out. BUT, I did want to show you all that I did get about 10 rows in. I now know is called the continental knit stitch. Along the way I have forgotten the process of casting on, basically making the starting loops on one of the knitting needles. So yeah, I have to go back and relearn that.

I have tried new things with my crocheting as well. For instance I have learned: how to make stitches around posts, I have made a shrug sweater that I have worn a couple of times (clothing), made a couple of flowers, and I have learned how to do two basic stitches of Tunisian crochet. I have loads of pins on my Pinterest board that I plan to work into my skills as a textile artist.

I am pushing through those mental blocks to really try! Plus, with yarn if I mess up all I have to do is take it out and start again. It is a very forgiving material to work with. I am hoping that this newly found push will work its’ way into other parts of my life. Who knows where it might take me. It already has me working on the Etsy shop idea!!!!

What happens along the way…

I often find myself thinking that I have nothing to blog about because we have just been going along at our general pace and flow.  I sometimes think that I lead a rather boring life, but in retrospect my life is pretty dang great!

I am beyond blessed with a husband who loves spending every free moment with me and our daughter. We eat dinner together as a family every day! Whether it be a home cooked meal or at a restaurant, we are there together. We love to play games together as much as possible. This week it was D&D and we kicked some major monster booty as a family or troupe of adventurers in game. The great outdoors is very special to us! Recently we have visited the botanical gardens twice! We also went on a hike that lead us up and over a waterfall. We had a lovely discussion about how pleased we were to see many groups of people of different cultures at our local park; seeing the beauty that so many take for granted. We enjoyed a movie that had us discussing the validity of the science of the movie and how it would be better if they had not “tried” to make it somewhat based on scientific fact. (These discussions happen often in our house considering the education and occupation of my husband.) We are blessed to be able to homeschool our daughter and help her to become what she wants to evolve into in life.

My daughter and I recently had a mini adventure to the thrift store. We were on a quest to find the impromptu makings of a Hermione Granger costume for the next day. Our library homeschool group was celebrating International Children’s Book Day by asking the children to dress up as their favorite children’s book character. Bug is currently completely immersed in the Harry Potter series movies and books. Whom else would she dress up as but the witty, stingy haired, heroine herself?! We were rather pleased with the result especially when we had to do a quick shopping trip before the event and one young adult caught a glimpse of Bug and yelled across the store, “Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Great job!”. To be honest, she looked almost exactly like her! I was a bit giddy about it.Featured image

We celebrated my husband’s 34th birthday with a hike, movie, in true geek fashion with D&D, a cake that we had never tried creating before (total success), and gave him a gift that will be enjoyed together; the one and only season of Firefly on dvd.  We adore the poppa!!!!

Easter was pretty mellow. We really didn’t do anything especially for the day. Our sweet neighbor brought Bug a basket full of candy, gifts, and a book that will soon be read for school since it is based on a true story. Bug made our neighbor a beautiful card and even checked the dictionary to make sure she spelled the word ‘appreciate’ correctly. We took it over to her and spent a little while visiting and then had a quick egg hunt before dark. It was finally dry enough for it to be fun. Bug was not happy that she could not find her last and biggest easter egg full of candy, and gave me a grumpy look (I took a picture with the egg in fence behind her). Bug has been eating, sorting, eating, and resorting her candies ever since. At least she has been asking when she can have more instead of just shoveling in the mounds of sugar.

We are coming up on Bug’s first standardized test in a few days. I have been trying to prepare her for what the test will be like (timed, bubbles to fill in, reading instructions, ways to relax her hands because she presses really hard) more than trying to teach to a test. We have been going along our normal pace. Like every other homeschooler you never know exactly what level your child is on for each subject, some above, right on, or below grade level. My goal for this week is to gently cover or review what I think will be on the 4th grade test. She didn’t have to test last year because her paperwork got all messed up, and we did not have to worry about it. She is anxious about this new experience.  I feel mostly because she will have to do more work than she is used to doing at home, even if she does know what the topics are. I think the answers will come easily to her if she looks at the steps to take instead of the whole mountain ahead. Also in some sort of preparation for this coming test we will be spending some quality time with friends. We have a field trip planned, then a birthday party, a day of rest and then the test. She is excited to see her buddies and I hope it will lift her spirits for the week. Fingers crossed.

So we are just moving along at our normal pace, having mini adventures as our schedules allow.  Taking one day at a time planning and preparing when possible. We may not take grand vacations or feel like every day has something to post about, but each day fills a page in our own little story book. It writes on our hearts of love and time well spent.

Homeschool stepping stones

At the beginning of this school year I came across a very large list of what each grade level student should learn mostly for math and grammar. I went through each section and wrote down a list for each subject of what I had not yet taught my daughter. I have loosely used them as a guides for her education this year. I go over it every so often to see where we are. I have not looked at the lists in several months but have been moving along at a pretty good pace.

I got the lists and my highlighter to mark what had been covered, needed review/practice, or was completely new untouched material. I am happy to say that we have covered 75% to 80% of the material that I had hoped to cover this year in those areas. I have been a very fly by the seat of my pants teacher this year with eclectic curriculum, but I have been following my daughter’s lead. I try to go with what she is interested in, where she needs extra practice, or move on from a mastered skill. I also tend to change things up because my daughter gets bored easily if we stay on the same topic too long. I drop it and then swing back to pick it up again later.

I don’t want to say that I am shocked by how much we have accomplished on those lists, but in a way I am! We do lessons 5 days a week nearly all year long. I should not be surprised that my daughter has gained a few skills. We have been gently crossing these stepping stones together.

Unplanned Spring Break

As year-round homeschoolers we tend to take breaks as we feel like it or as we need it for sick days. I only have official school time with my daughter about 3 hours a day, Monday through Friday. She gets quite a bit of free time mostly spent on the computer playing Minecraft and watching Youtube videos, or on her handheld game system. Now that spring has sprung outside time is more available. I was asked by a public school teacher friend of mine if we were….oh , how did she put it…I honestly can not find the post with her exact wording, but it was along the lines of asking if we were partaking in ‘spring break’ like the public schools were. I honestly didn’t plan on it and I told her as much. We had no real plans to do anything and the hubby’s schedule is a bit wonky for a while.

Franky I got up on Monday morning and I had stuff to do so I let her go outside to play. Tuesday, same thing but a friend of hers (public schooled) biked pass and asked to come and play. We are not too crazy about having people over. It just makes me and the hubby anxious. For our daughter’s sanity I let the friend come to play for a little while and then she could come back later to play (lasting until after dark). Since the wonky schedule allowed I mentioned that she could come again the next day. My daughter was so excited to play with her friend and get good quality time. They even found out many things that they have in common. The next day as promised I set up the shade tent outside for them to play under since they got a bit sunburned the first day. Bug waited and waited and waited, she was getting upset that her friend had not come at the loosely set time of arrival. (She is a stickler about keeping plans like her parents.) Bug’s homeschooled friends finally came out to play (apparently the boys were still schooling through the week). Bug asked if they could come over and I agreed since I was already expecting her company and ‘the wonky schedule allowed’. It was quite warm out so I soon had four kids reeking havoc in my house and waiting on the fifth. The boys had to leave before the other little girl came over, but she did finally ride by and Bug reminded her of their play-date. It was close to dark when we took her home again.

That was Tuesday and Wednesday…The rest of the week is a bit blurry…. I know I cleaned a bit and cooked every day….We did have a bit of a crisis Friday. Thankfully easily navigated around and  good to go. Whew….Saturday we played D&D!!!!! and went out to eat. Sunday was gorgeous!!!!! So we went to the botanical gardens again and wore ourselves smooth out…. It is a good thing we had planned to make a quick dinner and watch a movie. We were seriously tired. My hubby fell asleep on the couch and I was about to. We did not want to cook, but had to so we got up and made quick pizzas homemade-ish. It was a miracle that we watched the whole movie without falling asleep and then went to bed way too late again. Oh yeah! We did stay up way too late watching tv and reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets a couple of nights.

So that was Spring Break!!! We did go to bed too late (around 1:30am) Sunday night/Monday morning and I did planto start ‘schooling’ again the next (when we got up) morning. My daughter was not pleased with this. As I was planning her work assignments she went out to play, but was ignoring me and giving me dirty looks when I told her to come in. I even planned her favorite subjects so that she wouldn’t balk too much. Reading skills, spelling, and math (geometry review worksheets). She had done all of this before nothing really new. ***Don-da-dahhhhh***** It was too hard and harder than usual……   Nope! I’m not buying it!!!! It took quite a while for her to realize that she knew what to do and that she had to take steps to get the answers for math. Laziness had set in. Her attitude/mood this morning was telling her that anything harder than single step math problems were beyond her comprehension. I tell her that we all have things in life that we do not want to do, but still have to. I gave her the example from my current situation: “I do not want to be over here scrubbing dishes with this massive headache just to turn around and cook dinner either, but I have to. You need to learn to stick with it and get things done even when you don’t want to.”

We have this saying in our house to ‘not let something become your dragon’ and sit there doing nothing but pouring bbq sauce on yourself to let it devour you. Bug was letting her math become her dragon…sigh… I am all in teacher mode and getting straight to the point with the steps of the assignment. She looks up at me after the 3rd or so hug and says to me “Mommy, I don’t need you to be my teacher right now. I need you to be my mommy.”

I took a deep breath, changed hats, and continued to give her a hug in a less ridged manner. I softened my tone and gave her the strength and encouragement that was needed to slay the dragon and come out victorious. Yet again another stressful math session ending in a happy dance!

And so it begins!

I have been taking a break for about a week or so from crocheting to give my hands and neck a rest.  Especially with spring cleaning my back and neck are a bit stressed. Anyway, with my plan to eventually start an Etsy shop I obviously need to have items to sell.

Using what baby yarn I have in my stash I have started making newborn beanie hats. They are so tiny and cute and work up really fast. I need to learn how to do some other specific baby items to add to my inventory though.

My goal for this year is to learn many new skills in the crafting area. I am a bit addicted to Youtube tutorials that teach me how to make beautiful useful things. Last year I purchased a set of knitting needles so that my daughter, husband, and I could learn how to knit together. I can be a bit stubborn and when I say ‘I can’t do something’ it becomes a frustrating mental block. Tonight I saw that one of my favorite Youtubers had posted a tutorial of what she has recently learned as a beginning knitter. She seems to understand enough about it to get me started. So I got my needles out! I got started without the mental block this time, and have completed about 6 pretty good rows of whatever stitch I managed to do. I started going off on my own and have no idea what the stitch is called, but I made something and it looks knitted….I will figure out more as I go. With crochet I am not an expert, but do know a bit about it and use all of the correct terms and can read the patterns (for the most part). Knitting was so foreign to me, but I recently ventured into Tunisian crochet (I know 2 stitches) and that helped my mind work toward the direction of understanding knitting. I showed my bit of knitted fabric to my hubby and he seemed rather impressed (he has tried to get me to remove said mental blocking for years for various things). Granted with starting any new hands on activity there is a learning curve and possible pain from creating new muscle memory. This is pretty exciting although I do not have enough skill in knitting to even consider selling any of it.

The adventure of opening an Etsy shop with take a whole lot of work and planning. I have a lot to learn! One thing that I have learned as a homeschooler is that you are never too old to learn and if you try your best there will be progress. So here’s to moving forward!!!!

While the hubby is away….

First off, I want to start by saying that I LOVE SPENDING TIME WITH MY FAMILY! Secondly, if I am constantly with them or needed by them I do not accomplish things like me time, cleaning, blogging without interruption, or reading more then a half paragraph in a “my” book.

Today my hubby had to get into work early so I saw this as a prime opportunity to DO!!!!!! I did not have “school” with Bug today. I told her no book work today and she smiled really big until she heard the word “but…”. She really thought she was off the hook! Nope! The “but” was followed by “you have to help me around the house. Let’s call it Home Ec day!” She was not pleased especially when I sent her off to take care of her own things and pick up all the carpeted floor areas. She was more than happy to help when I asked her to get the cleaning brush for the nooks and crannies to go behind me as I wiped cabinets down. Then she happily vacuumed (1st time ever completely on her own), and she even cleaned the couch cushions without being asked. I let her have at it while I did a serious mopping of the kitchen and bathroom. She put all of her areas back in order and I am still waiting for mine to dry…. soon I will put a load of towels in the washer and prep the kitchen for our snack later.

You see I have had a craving for real fruit and this does not usually happen! But since I started making smoothies I crave them. Earlier in the day I needed to go to the store anyway to pick up the forgotten items on my shopping list to round out dinner. I think I went a bit nuts on smoothy fixins….. I got vanilla yogurt, frozen: mixed berries, blueberries, mango, and pineapple, fresh:strawberries, bananas, and pineapple, also 3 types of almond milk: coconut, vanilla, and chocolate. Hmmmmmm I will not run out for a while and have plenty of flavors to choose from.

That’s right while my hubby was away I did my first bit of spring cleaning , blog,and create some amazing smoothies…. the infamous dusting will come next, but I don’t see that happening tonight. Now where’s a movie to watch?!

Homeschooling Challenge!!!!!

Being a homeschooling parent I obviously know what work has been assigned because I am the teacher. Changing hats I am also the parent that sits beside her to help her complete those assignments. I help her understand the concepts before we move on. I often make notes to come back to it once she has matured and other skills have been learned that will makes said assignment achievable.  So inside this brain of mine is a running tally if you will of where she is at academically. I see daily what works and what is a stress. I help her with a good portion of her work guiding step by step or giving subtle hints that help her find the answer within her own mind.  So I don’t feel that “grading” her work daily is a big deal nor do I influence her by scoring her performance…..I do look to see how well she is understanding the material and act accordingly.
Last night I decided that it was the night to get most of it checked (I also said this a month or so ago and didn’t get very far). I sorted a stack of papers a little more than an inch thick into subjects: math, reading skills, science, health, spelling, writing, test prep, and Spanish. Then I checked the test prep and was quite pleased! Then sorted just the math (since that takes the longest) into work that I had answer guides for, worksheets, and book work that I needed to work through to check answers. Thankfully after a good 2+ hours I got through the stacks for answer guides and worksheets leaving about 7 pages left to grade. It was then after midnight, my eyes felt like I had stuffed bits of cotton-balls just under my eyelids, my daughter was still exploring her world of Minecraft and listening to Minecraft Youtubers that are more like friends to her at this point. If you are the parent of a young Minecrafter you probbaly already know who Stampy, iballistic squid “Squidy”, and Amylee33 are.

Beddddddddd please let me get to bed!!!!!!!

But now we have to read. We finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone yesterday and I had her start writing her first real book report about it since it is HP all the time now. So of course what book is chosen for the next nightly reader but Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Early next moth there is book character day and she will be dressing up as none other that Miss Hermione Granger to attend the scavenger hunt and other activities to celebrate that day with her homeschool group. She can pull off the look with her long wavy brown hair.
Today’s homeschooling challenge was to complete a well thought out and mostly well written book report about the HP book and simplifying fractions (+ other subjects). The book report went surprisingly well, but then we got to fractions. We have been rotating through geometry and fractions for a little while. We have really only begun simplifying as of this past  Monday(it is now Wednesday). We added like fractions yesterday then came back to simplifying today. You would have thought I was trying to force feed her a toad!!!! “Bug, what is this times this?” NO! “Bug, what is this divided by this?” NO!  “Bug…..”  “No! (grumbling) I don’t want to do fractions we have been doing them for a month…..”  (not really! geometry with shapes and lines, and different types of fraction work) Bug, you only have to do half of this worksheet then you will be done for the day….” That perked her up a bit. I helped her with the top row…..then soon after she shouts “I only have 6 left!”  FINALLY! Ending with Bug doing a happy dance around the kitchen!
Hey homeschooling parents what else do you do while helping your child with homework? While all this battle was going on I was washing clothes, getting a roast ready/in the oven, washing dishes, and writing this blog……. By the way this pork roast was beyond huge and I should have cut it in half before cooking it or put it in the oven earlier. Apparently 2 hours was not enough time……. boooo…..dinner is usually being eaten by now……not enthused…..

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